Tuesday, 27 June 2017

What I Made At Tec!

When I was at Tec we made chocolate chip muffins. Then  we had to follow miss Tuipulotu instructions she wrote on the board. She says we have to follow the instructions properly then after we had put our ingredient in a bowl then we mix it till it's ready. Then we had to get out the cupcake tray to put our mixture of ingredient that we just had made. Then we have to put it in the oven about a thirty minute. After when the muffins are ready you take them out and put them on a cooler muffin tray then when it cools down it will be ready to be eaten.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Christchurch teenagers found after missing reports

There were two teennagers who where missing in chrischurch. But the police reported that they have
found the girl she has been found safe and well. Police saide on monday morning. They were reported missing but they have been found safely. Christchurch police pleased that the two teenagers were found. They were reported missing after failing coming home on the right time on sunday afternoon. Owen murray the boy that was missing he was only 18 and the girl was only 17. they had been in Hanmer on sunday morning and were accepted back to christchurch but fail to return home. Police in christchurch thanked the public for locating the teenagers.

What I Did At Tec

When I was in Mr Grundy's room we were making things out of wood. First we had to draw what we're going to draw on a piece of paper. We could draw anything on it and we could at least draw ten ideas. When we finished drawing our ten ideas, he will mark it and say what is the best design for me to do. When I have a design to do he tells us how to join them. We have to do it piece by piece if it's perfect when we finished most of our pieces. we can do the cutting and the measuring and when we had finished our joint. We have to give it to Mr Grundy to check it. If there were any mistakes on it he will use his machine to cut off any bits of pieces that are sticking out. Then we had finished our piece of work we had to let it stay in the cupboard so next week we can take it home.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

National milk day

National milk day is a special day for us. At school we have milk from the Fonterra people who provide milk for us to drink to make us fit and healthy. We drink our milk every week except on Fridays. We have our milk at morning tea. The Fonterra people always comes to give us new milk every Fridays. When we drink our milk we have to fold it and put it in a box to send it back to the Fonterra people so they can reuse it and turn it into a milk container then they fill it up with milk. they recycle the milk cartons.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Truck rolls, throws logs over road in Bay of Plenty storm

A logging truck rolled on state highway near the bay plenty town where Pikowai is.On Friday it was a bad weather.A fire fighter saw the road it was half blocked by the truck and trailer it was on it's side  the driver had a lot of injures. The log company came to remove the logs out of the way. While the log company was taking the logs. A ambulance came a to help the man in the van then the driver took him to whakatane.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Criminals 'have taken over the suburbs', say exasperated south Auckland dairy owners

Offender and criminals have been roaming on our streets. Dairy shop owners and police have been having meetings about Criminals.Sunny Kaushal said robberies of dairies also small businesses in the south Auckland are increasing. In the public spaces shows that the offenders show no fear of getting caught. The leader of New Zealand Winston peters express his exasperation.The dairy of these countries are begging robbed the owners where terrified and scared. The shop owners said that they need police patrols so they know who has been a thieft.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Kiwi studio goes from garage to global gaming powerhouse

People from New Zealand are trying to sell some of there stuff. Chris Wilson and Jonathan Rogers found some toys that where on the first floor of that cream colored  average they where looking for things to sell they found games and all kinds of toys Chris Wilson and Jonathan Rogers live in the Auckland suburb in New Lynn.